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Our AI-driven platform offers precise book summaries, making study sessions more productive.
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Processing on GPUs

Advanced summarization process for your class exam

We don't make a superficial summary like ChatGPT; we analyze page by page while keeping each section of the class notes. Generally, we summarize to half the length, meaning if you send us a PDF of 300 pages, we will give you 150 pages with the important parts that the teacher might ask about. Every summary is carefully reviewed to maintain quality.

Manual Quality Check

In your email within 24 hours

Alongside our powerful AI, we conduct manual reviews to guarantee the reliability of your summaries. This crucial step ensures that every detail aligns with our high standards, ready to support your goals.

Content and Payment Information

We don't like Pictures!

We love PDFs or .Doc documents, but our main algorithm specialize in text analysis and do not process images within documents. If you want a custom quote to also treat your images, write to us admin@classnotessummarizer.com

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